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Job Descriptions

Companion for the Guest Wing

Supervisor: Guest Wing Manager

Work Description:Companions offer friendship, socialization, and non-medical support to the patient and family members

Duties: Guest Wing Companions provide companionship, socialization and emotional support to guests and their families at Hospice House. Companions visit with patients or just sit with an individual who may not want to be left alone.  Suggested ideas of on-on-one activities include:  reading, life review watching TV, manicure, hand massage, listening to music, playing cards, writing notes and letters, sitting outside in the garden, and cooking.  They may assist with other chores such as meal preparations, cleaning, laundry, etc. when needed.  Companions do not do personal care or administer medications.

Maintain the privacy and security of all confidential and protected health information.  Use and disclose only that information which is necessary to perform the function of the job

Requirements: 16-hour Volunteer Training Class, application, criminal background check, MVA 3-year driving record, copy of driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, confidentiality, conflict of interest, sexual abuse, standard precautions, PPD test, liability release, Hepatitis B declination/vaccination.  Annual requirements of HIPAA/OSHA, PPD and at least one in-service education.

Qualifications:Patience, compassion, flexibility and good active listening skills are needed. Companions need to be able to establish and maintain boundaries. The volunteer must be able to put the patient’s interests first.  Being well grounded and possessing good common sense are important.

Time Requirement:They may be scheduled 1-4 times a month for 1-2 hours

Location: The Guest Wing

Evaluation:  Evaluations are completed annually by the Guest Wing Manager or her designee.

Risks: Sharing close personal space with patient.  Volunteers may be exposed to potentially hazardous bodily fluids when doing laundry or cleaning.  Standard precautions should be practiced whenever there is a risk of infection. Close relationships can result and the volunteer must be able to effectively cope with death and grief.  Grief counseling is available if needed.

Benefits:  The benefit of helping others who are not able to repay you is priceless.  Volunteers are invited to a variety of social/appreciation events including a fall picnic, spring luncheon and a holiday party.  Continuous education in end-of-life issues is available to all volunteers.

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