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Rewards of Volunteering

What are the rewards of Volunteering at Talbot Hospice?

 “My hospice training redirected my life and opened doors that have transformed me.”

“It is really not about the dying when you volunteer at Hospice. It is about the quality of living that the patient still has yet to experience.”​

“To know that you are needed is rewarding.  At the end of the day, knowing that you have made someone’s day brighter, is a wonderful experience.”​

"Upon retiring from teaching special education (in Prince George’s, Talbot and Caroline Counties) I began as a caregiver in the guest wing in the spring of 2000; I did a weekly four-hour evening shift there for ten years, with additional in-home caregiver duties for families receiving services there. I’m thrilled and humbled still when I use favorite recipes shared by some of those grateful primary caregivers. At some point during that time I added on gardening and general yard maintenance tasks with a small group like-minded folks and, as of 2005, also began scheduling those dedicated volunteers I call the Green Team. It’s so important to all of us that TH guests, family and friends are met with a neat, serene visual welcome at what is undoubtedly a difficult time. Soon after end-of-life doula support services were begun, I became one and treasure many recollections of assisting, or standing in for, families at this sacred time while, hopefully, being a calming friend to those moving on.

As do we all, I have built a trove of wonderful/humorous/touching memories as a TH volunteer. It’s a privilege and an honor, and the experience continues to enrich my own life immeasurably."

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