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Rewards of Volunteering

Letters from Families

" I want to thank all of you for your kindness and compassion toward my sister and my family. From the first day that she met you, until she completed her journey, the care and genuine concen exhibited by all who came in contact with her was amazing.  She was not the easiest person to connect with, she could be stubborn and hard headed, but everyone was determined to see her comfortable and at peace, and for that I will forever be grateful. To the volunteers who gave up their time, energy and sleep so that my sister wouldn't be alone; what a special gift you all have, and how lucky my family was that you were there to help her on this journey. May you continue to do such marvelous and needed work for all who pass through your doorways."​

" I write with heartfelt thanks for your compassion and sympathy for the loss of my Aunt.  I loved her very much and miss her every day.  The fact that I was en route to be with her and driving on a highway when she passed brings me great sadness.  Yet the fact that you were there with her as a Doula, at such a critical time, eases my grief. I am sure that your compassionate presence made her last hours more peaceful and that she died with the peace of knowing she was loved and not alone.  Thank you for that gift."

"It is with great appreciation that I write this note.  I recently spent time with the hospice staff as my brother was released from the hospital, and returned home to spend his last remaining days in familiar surroundings. Your staff and volunteers came to his home with all of the necessary equipment.  They also brought kindness and support. Many years ago, I myself was a hospice volunteer, and am aware of the wondeful support for terminally ill patients and their families. This was my first experience being on the receiving end of hospice care.  The last day that I spent with my brother, I had already started grieving for him. But while I was with him, I realized that my brother was being taken care of with  incredible kindness and comfort by your staff and volunteers. The support that was shown by Talbot Hospice made his departure less painful for him and also for us. My husband and I are in our mid-eighties and we realize that our days of leaving may not be far off. We can only hope that should we need it, we will be fortunate enough to have the benefit of leaving this world under your hospice care.  Thank you."​

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