In Service Training

All volunteers who work directly with patients and families (patient care, companions, Doulas, cooks, receptionists, bereavement) are required to complete a minimum of one educational in-service a year. The purpose of in-service training is to augment the understanding of hospice work and to enhance one's work experience with patients and families.

In-service training topics are related to care giving, end-of-life issues, elder care, healthcare and disease.  Past in-service training topics have included: 

Mindfulness: The Gift of Presence (techniques to develop awareness in volunteering)

End-of-Life Resources (legal advice and resources for patients and families)

Back Safety (safe techniques for lifting and assisting patients)

What to Say, What Not to Say (strategies for the difficult questions and conversations that arise around illness and death)

In-service programs are planned by the Director of Volunteer Services.  All current volunteers will receive notification of upcoming educational presentations in advance.  In-service events are also listed on the website Volunteer Calendar.