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End-of-Life Doulas

Talbot Hospice end-of-life Doulas bring a calm, peaceful presence at the end of life. They receive special training to provide physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support for families during the period of transition at the end of life.

Talbot Hospice end-of-life Doulas may serve for a six hour shift and are available round the clock.  They visit private homes, facilities or Hospice House during the last 48 hours of a patient’s life. 

The Director of Volunteer Services is notified by the hospice nurse or social worker when a family requests a Doula.  Sometimes Doulas are a presence for a patient who would otherwise have died alone.  Other times, they assist family members who want to keep a loved one at home, but are anxious when the death is near. 

Doula volunteers receive special training in what to expect at the end of life.  They may say, “The way your father is breathing is typical and nothing to be alarmed about; it is not painful.”  They are trained to know the signs that a patient is uncomfortable and can notify the hospice nurse. 

Doula volunteers offer an invaluable resource with their calm and reassuring presence.

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