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Artist-in-Residence Program FY17-18

Special Request for Photographer
Talbot Hospice is seeking a photographer to work with us to capture special moments with our patients and families through our We Honor Veterans Program.

As part of its unique continuum of support services and pursuit of innovative programs, Talbot Hospice has created an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program. Using various forms of art, patients and families can explore and express their feelings and sentiments and transform those emotions into artwork.  The AIR will help facilitate ideas with the intention of creating a lasting visual legacy that captures the specialness of the individual.

Using interactions and experiences as creative content, artists will develop their craft in ways that connect and support our mission and work by producing innovative and thought-provoking works of art that capture the specialness of Talbot Hospice, our hospice patients and families. It becomes a creative venue for patients & families to share their thoughts, their journeys in their final chapter of life.

Artists will be invited annually to submit proposals for the designation of Artist in Residence with the requirement of actively contributing their creative skills in ways that will benefit Talbot Hospice patients and families.  Occasionally, Talbot Hospice may seek particular artists and medium to complement a new initiative of the organization.   

Program Details

  • The Artist in Residence is a voluntary, non-paid position
  • Local artist preferred (Talbot County and surrounding counties) as this residency does not have any provision for living quarters and is not a full-time residency program; this will make it easier for the artist to work with our hospice patients and families
  • Time and hours spent on project are varied dependent on patients, their interest and status of the patient and also desires of families
  • Work with patients and families to express feelings, emotions and support families in preserving the legacy of their loved one
  • Work closely with Director of Volunteers, volunteers and clinicians
  • Talbot Hospice will reimburse reasonable expenses to the Artist for materials, etc., with prior approval
  • Talbot Hospice will offer space to exhibit the artists’ work and time for presentations to the staff, volunteers and board on what has been learned and contributed through their AIR experience
  • AIR committee will inform artist of the selection

For more information about the Artist-in-Residence Program at Talbot Hospice, contact Vivian Dodge, Executive Director at 410-822-6681.