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Hospice in Your Home

Our Care Team

   Patients want to be close to the people and surroundings they love. Talbot Hospice understands how important it is to be at home and it is our goal to provide the support and comfort care to make that possible.
  In your home, you will receive regular visits from the registered nurse who also serves as your case manager, arranging the support as you need it. Personal care aides are available to help with the routine activities of daily life for which you require assistance. A patient/family support counselor will visit with you to ensure that you understand all the resources available to you and your caregivers. Our hospice chaplain will contact you to offer support if you choose. Our bereavement counselor is available to you and your family to offer support during difficult times. Our trained and compassionate volunteers are will provide a broad range of support to you and family, from relieving a caregiver for an afternoon, to driving you to an appointment, or even just to sit and read to you.
On hospice, you will keep your own personal physician, who becomes part of the hospice team, and our hospice medical director who is always available for consultation.  As a team, the Talbot Hospice staff works with patients and families in identifying individual goals and making them a reality. 


  • Can we keep our own doctor?Yes. Talbot Hospice nurses and caregivers consult with your doctor on all aspects of your care.

  • Does insurance cover Hospice care?Hospice is a fully covered Medicare benefit. Most health insurance plans do cover Hospice services and Hospice care is based on the patient's need, not the ability to pay.

  • Does our doctor have to refer us?A patient's physician does need to approve Hospice care. But anyone can call Talbot Hospice, at any time. In fact, if you prefer, we can speak to your doctor for you

  • Who provides care when Hospice staff are not in my home?Hospice trains family members so that they feel comfortable caring for the patient between our visits. When you are a Hospice patient, you're never more than a phone call away. A registered nurse is on call 24 hours a day to answer your questions. If there's a problem that can't be handled by phone, we'll arrange for a nurse or social worker to come to your home

  • Who should we call?Call the Talbot Hospice Access Line at 410-822-2724. We're here to take your call and answer your questions.

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