Planned Gifts

A planned gift to Talbot Hospice provides significant support for programs and services, often with dramatic tax and financial rewards for the donor. Gift planning combines financial, estate and tax planning to help donors choose the best way to support Talbot Hospice.  Unless otherwise specified, planned gifts go directly into our endowment where they remain in perpetuity. The income from the endowment is used to help support our patients and families in need.


Individuals can name Talbot Hospice as a beneficiary in their wills. A bequest might be an outright gift of cash, a percentage of an estate, mutual funds, stocks, real estate or personal property. A bequest allows individuals to make contributions without sacrificing spendable income during their lifetime while sheltering their estate from taxes. 

Life Insurance

Making a gift of life insurance enables individuals to arrange a future gift to Talbot Hospice without financial impact during their lifetime. Talbot Hospice can be named as a beneficiary or owner of a life insurance policy. Charitable tax deductions may also apply to these gifts.

Charitable Trusts

Charitable trusts enable donors to make a sizeable contribution to Talbot Hospice while receiving significant tax deductions and other tax benefits. By assigning an amount of their assets to the charitable trust, the trust “holds” the assets and pays out the income for those assets – interest or dividends, for example – according to an individual’s instructions

Gifts of Annuities

Talbot Hospice is pleased to partner with the Mid-Shore Community Foundation which is licensed by the state to offer Charitable Gift Annuities. A charitable gift annuity provides donors with an actual dollar return for their investment, which may be higher than those available from certificates of deposit or passbook savings. Donors may opt for a single life annuity, or a double life annuity, which guarantees them income for the rest of their life, and then for the life of a person they designate following their death.